At Trojan Sports Academy we take privacy very seriously. We aren’t into sharing your personal information without your consent. So, we have compiled this excellent and efficient privacy statement to let you know exactly how we do handle any information we collect from you when you visit our website.

We encourage you to read this statement thoroughly- we appreciate there are probably more interesting things to do with your time, but this is important for both of us!

If you have any other queries or questions regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to get in touch at

We just wanted to let you know that we consider any data you provide to be done so on a voluntary basis, so no pressure or anything. Whether you are filling out forms on our website, even those snooze-worthy click through disclaimers, giving us your business card, certifications, or keeping in touch with us through any other means possible, maybe even carrier pigeon! It is worth considering that any information we do collect could include some pretty personal stuff such as your name, address, email and phone number, as well as other important information regarding your child’s health, birth-date, and/or gender. So, if you are happy with sharing all of that, then that is great news!

However, there is some information we automatically gather about your visit to our websites and systems. This includes things such as the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect your device to the Internet, your browser type and version, and the specific pages on our site that you visit. We also track details like your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the date and time of your visit, which pages you clicked through to, and how you exited our site. None of this data is linked to any personally identifiable information, so your privacy is safe with us. Instead, we use this information to track trends, manage our site and understand how users navigate their way around it, in order to gather demographic insights.

We may well record your phone calls and emails with our employees, and our CCTV cameras could catch you striking your best pose too. If you’re connected to a business we have a relationship with, your colleagues, or other business contacts may provide us with information about you such as your role and how best to reach you. Don’t worry though, we will keep all of this information safe and secure.



Just like all the other websites out there, we use cookies. Not the chocolate chip kind, but the little bits of data which remember your preferences and the pages you’ve visited. It is a little bit like having your own personal tour guide!

We use this information to ensure that your experience on our website is even better so we can tailor the content to your browsing habits. However, we also understand that you just want to be left alone with your cookies (probably the edible ones….). No problem, you can just tweak your browser settings to disable these data bits.

If you aren’t sure on how to do that, then no worries! Head on over to your browser’s website for more information which can help you. If you are curious about which specific cookies we use and how you can opt-out then check out our Cookie Policy.

Aside from the aforementioned cookies, third party cookies may also be utilised when visiting our website. This occurs in some cases when we have enlisted a third party to provide services on our behalf, such as an enquiry form. When your browser connects to these third-parties, they are permitted to set or access their own cookies on your device, and may collect information about your online activities across websites or online services (although they do not collect any personally identifiable information).

We collect information from third-party data providers or publicly available sources for various purposes, such as anti-money laundering, background checks and to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations. We use the information we collect for the following purposes:

1.       We will send you very interesting marketing emails that we think you will actually like, not more spam emails!

2.       We use the information to make certain that our websites, offices and other operations are firing on all cylinders and to the very best of our ability- which, in turn makes for a better customer experience for you. Yay!

3.       We need to keep our offices secure, so we might use it to make sure we only let the correct people in

4.       Boring as it is, we need to play by the rules, and we need to make sure we are giving certain materials only to the people who are allowed to have them

5.       We aren’t trying to break any laws, so we will only use this information to make sure we’re in compliance with all the legal and regulatory requirements

6.       We want to make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, so we will use the information to help you create an account on our network

7.       You are very special to us, so we will use the information to make sure we know who you are when you are using our services

8.       We are always here to help, so we will use this information to answer any questions you have and provide the best support we can

9.       We will also use it to send you very important stuff such as confirmations, invoices, technical notices, updates, security alerts, and other things that might sound boring but are in fact necessary

10.   We will keep you in the loop about all of the cool stuff we have on the horizon, such as events and news

11.   We strive to be the ultimate matchmakers of data! By linking the information we gather from you with the data we obtain from third parties, we can gain a deeper understanding of your needs and can provide better and more personalised services- woo hoo!

12.   We are on a mission to safeguard our company and clients from fraudsters and illegal activities. So, we use the information we collect to create an impenetrable digital fortress that provides safety to you and us

13.   We love to stay in touch with our customers and we believe that communication is truly key- that’s why we use the information we do gather to keep you up-to-date on our latest and most exciting news, products and services through our marketing communications.


We may also combine your information with data we collect from our vendors to improve and personalise our website. If you do not want to receive marketing communications from us, or participate in our ad-customisation programs, please contact us at

Privacy and security are like two peas in a pod for us. We are dedicated to ensuring your information is under lock and key. Let’s be realistic, nobody can promise absolute invincibility against prying eyes unfortunately. But that is why we have implemented top-of-the-range physical, technical and managerial protections to try to keep your data safe and protected from harm’s way. However, if you have any concerns or queries about our security measures, please reach out to us at



It is all about you, after all! We understand how important it is to have control over your personal information, which is why we provide you with the power to view, modify or delete your details whenever you want. As long as you’re still using our services, we will keep your information safe and sound. If you ever want to take a peek at your data, just give us a shout over at Don’t worry though, if we ever experience a breach of security and your information is compromised in any way, we will let you know straight away. We’ve got your back!



Let’s talk about your personal information: we know that it is important to you, and we want to make sure that you feel like you’re the one in control.

Here are some fun facts about your rights:

1.       You can ask us for copies of your information, and we will gladly give them to you- who doesn’t love freebies, right?!

2.       If we have any wrong information, you can tell us and we will fix it faster than you can say ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’!

3.       If you’re not feeling the love anymore and want us to delete you information, we will do it (with a heavy heart of course)

4.       If you’re not up for us using your information for certain things, just let us know and we will be sure to stop. We promise we shan’t take it personally!

5.       If you are planning to break up with us and go to another organisation, we will help you pack your bags by transferring your information over there. Just don’t forget us too quickly, okay?

Oh, and one more thing- we want to make sure it is really you asking for your personal information so we may need to do some security checks. Don’t worry, it is not because we don’t trust you, we just want to help keep your information safe from any unwanted visitors.

We may make changes to this privacy statement in the future, and any updates will be posted on our website at, or we will provide you with the information if you contact us. Therefore, we suggest that you check back frequently for any changes. You can also use the same email address in case you have any enquiries or questions regarding this policy.

Consent: By using our website, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and give consent to our Privacy Policy.





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Trojan Sports is an amazing facility that caters to kids of all ages and swimming levels. I have been thoroughly impressed by the coaches' professionalism and dedication in teaching each of my children. They have all made remarkable progress during our time with them, and I am excited to see what they can accomplish in the future under their guidance.
– Corina Tickelpenny

Joining Trojan has been an incredible experience for my son, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. From the moment we stepped foot into the club, it was evident that the coaches are not only skilled but also incredibly passionate about what they do. Their dedication to helping each swimmer reach their full potential is truly commendable. My son looks forward to every session and the atmosphere is always positive and encouraging.
– Jou Mana

Our swimming sessions at Trojan is the one activity that both my children look forward to! The coaches are all superb, (Naomi, Lindsey, Anna), extremely professional, have amazing communication skills, (both with parents and students!) and are truly excellent at working with children. They have really encouraged my 7 year old daughter, who has been enrolled since last year, to make incredible progress and really hone in her swimming skills.
– Samar Kamali

The team at Trojan are simply better at inspiring, coaching, and empowering my children than any other swim academy we have been a part of. My children are not only making friends, they are improving as swimmers and developing strengths and qualities through the opportunities, personalised engagement and community the Academy offers.
– Antonia Reid


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