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Our 200-Point Blueprint for Sports Safety Excellence

At Trojan Sports, we believe that quality goes beyond what meets the eye. Often these are the things that sit in the background and help keep your child safe whilst they are pursuing their passions. It is these concealed elements that are essential pillars of true quality.

We are proud to have fully embraced the commitment to ongoing learning and understanding of best practices from around the world. Our dedication to providing a safe and high-quality sports experience is reflected in the processes and procedures we have in place.

In the interest of the development of the sports community as a whole, and especially the children taking part, Trojan Sports has published the same 200-point checklist it uses to self-assess itself. This means all Academies can use it as a blueprint to understand the different areas in which they can further improve their own level of service, and ensure they are operating, should they wish to, to international best practice.

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Trojan Sports is an amazing facility that caters to kids of all ages and swimming levels. I have been thoroughly impressed by the coaches' professionalism and dedication in teaching each of my children. They have all made remarkable progress during our time with them, and I am excited to see what they can accomplish in the future under their guidance.
– Corina Tickelpenny

Joining Trojan has been an incredible experience for my son, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. From the moment we stepped foot into the club, it was evident that the coaches are not only skilled but also incredibly passionate about what they do. Their dedication to helping each swimmer reach their full potential is truly commendable. My son looks forward to every session and the atmosphere is always positive and encouraging.
– Jou Mana

Our swimming sessions at Trojan is the one activity that both my children look forward to! The coaches are all superb, (Naomi, Lindsey, Anna), extremely professional, have amazing communication skills, (both with parents and students!) and are truly excellent at working with children. They have really encouraged my 7 year old daughter, who has been enrolled since last year, to make incredible progress and really hone in her swimming skills.
– Samar Kamali

The team at Trojan are simply better at inspiring, coaching, and empowering my children than any other swim academy we have been a part of. My children are not only making friends, they are improving as swimmers and developing strengths and qualities through the opportunities, personalised engagement and community the Academy offers.
– Antonia Reid


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